The Secretary.

TIME: 7.05am.

It is two hours before the rest of the staff begin work. Cat has arrived in Mr. Irwin’s office for her early morning appointment. She is a few minutes late and looks nervously around, hoping that her boss is not there. She knows that she will be chastised for arriving late and tries to look busy by running through her reports.

However, her worse thoughts are soon realised as Mr. Erwin enters the office and glowers at her, menacingly, looking at his watch, and she is reconciled to the fact that she will be disciplined for her tardy timekeeping and slut like clothing

She listens, whilst her boss vents his fury on her, trying to keep a dignified demeanour but feeling trepidation as she hears what she has to do to please Mr. Erwin's degrading demands.

But first she is told to take down some dictation and she asks to be allowed to sit to which her boss grants, tersely. When she is finished, Mr. Erwin instructs her to open her blouse. She is reluctant to do so but his anger is formidable and she nervously complies.

Then he orders her to pull up her skirt to make sure she has on the stockings he has demanded she wear. She unzips her skirt slowly to reveal long, slender thighs clad in sheer black stockings. However, the boss is not satisfied until he can see her panties and  to pull open her skirt until the black lace panties are revealed.

"Are you looking forward to your punishment, Cat?" Asks Mr. Erwin, licking his lips as he views her exposed thighs and tight black panties.

"What are you going to do to me, Sir?" she asks in a small, fearful voice.

"Ah, now that would be telling, wouldn't it?"

Cat's expression, her boss notes, with some satisfaction, is a mixture of alarm and excitement. Her cheeks are flushed and he can see that the prospect of the unknown seems to excite her as she awaits the outcome of her fate.

She is quickly tied to the chair in a vulnerable position. Her boss stalks around her tying her legs and wrists tightly.

She strains against the ropes that bind her and begs for her release whilst her green eyes flash at him, venomously. But he is spurred on by her obvious sexual arousal and he rips her blouse open further to reveal her bulging and heaving breasts, tightly enclosed within a black lace bra.

As his hand roams over the softly tanned skin of her breasts, he knows this is what she craves - her submissive nature yearns to be controlled - to be tormented and aroused to her obvious pleasure.

He moves in close, whispering in her ear, "I hope you are looking forward to feeling the pain and pleasure I am about to give you, Cat."

She knows what to expect - the spanking will not be long in coming.

Her boss then pulls her ropes from her and demands her to stand against the wall whilst he prepares more humiliations. She complies, feeling a thrill of sexual arousal as she presses her breasts close to the cold wall.

"Keep your hands up where I can see them," barks her boss. "I don't want you playing with yourself. Not until I say otherwise, you understand?"

"Yes, sir!" Shivers Cat, her arms aching with the strain of keeping them above her head.

"Now, turn around and take down your skirt." He demands his eyes dark with desire as he watches the silky skirt peel from her thighs and drop around her feet.

"Okay, over my desk - NOW!"

She complies and leans across the desk, her tight black panties barely covering her rounded, exposed bottom.

The tause is cruel and as it slaps across her tender skin, she cries out whilst her tormentor growls deeply, gratified and intent on inflicting as much humiliation as she can take.

At last he stops when he sees that her buttocks are glowing nicely and he rubs them softly, feeling the heat with a nod of approval.

He allows her to gather herself up from the desk and turns her around, taking her hand and making her feel the extent of his arousal.

Taking his hand away, he allows Cat to play with him until he orders her to stop, to which she complies, although somewhat reluctantly.

He then pulls her blouse from her shoulders and reaches around her back and unfastens her bra. His hands slip under it and he caresses her breasts. He squeezes her already stiffened nipples and looks deep into her eyes, watching her pupils dilate, as she looks up at him, her submission almost complete.

"I want you back on the chair but before that, I want you to take off your panties."

Cat looks at her boss in surprise. He has never demanded something like that of her before but her desire overwhelms her and she slips her underwear down and sits back onto the chair.

"Now, spread your legs."

To her, the pose would be the ultimate degradation and she pauses, pleading with Mr. Erwin. However her boss shows her no mercy and finally, in a gesture of total submission, she ultimately gives in, opening her thighs slowly.

"More," he orders and she blinks at him, complying, her submission to his demand actuated by her fear of further punishment. He moves closer.

"Now play with yourself."

"What?" Cat cries, reddening with shame.

Her boss's eyes glint with menace.

"You heard me. Do it…NOW!"

Cat knows she must satisfy his craving or she will be punished much more severely next time so she begins to touch herself, whilst her boss looks on with obvious satisfaction.

She cannot deny the pleasure it begins to give her, touching the most intimate part of her body, whilst her frightening but most desirable boss looks on.

Very soon she is climaxing and Mr. Erwin, who is unable to contain himself any longer, takes her by the arm and - thrusting her onto the table and pushing himself  between her thighs, he rewards her with his ultimate master stroke.


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