The Big Mistake

Dirty Lesbian girl Dani hires a dominatrix escort for a kinky night of passion. She pays Mistress Ava for a 1 hour session and instructs Ava to leave her all tied up for her flat mates to find her later that evening - but Ava has other ideas for the unsuspecting dyke girl friends...

Story line kindly contributed by Fet Life writer MING


Ava was the new Dominatrix in the shady town of Slutsville

She had already established a reputation, and a young lesbian, called Dani, had heard about her in the seedy contact magazine, Dyke weekly

Dani decided to call Ava and arrange a visit so they could play some kinky tie up and tease bondage games.

Dani booked Ava for an hour and told the Domme that she wanted to be tied and tormented and then left for her flatmates to find.

 Then she impatiently awaited her arrival. When the bell rang Dani opened the door to find a beautiful black woman dressed in a way that screamed out MISTRESS!!!.


Then Ava introduced herself and pushed past Dani into the flat, as Dani turned to follow her inside Ava pushed her up against the wall and started to stroke and caress Dani’s pert breasts and said, “Well now you are a pretty little thing aren't you, and such kinky little slut as well. I think we're going to have a really good time together.

Now I do hope for your sake you have got all the things I told you to have ready for me”.


Dani pulled away and took Ava’s hand and led her into the bedroom and revealed a selection of ropes and gags and toys laid out on the bed. Ava pushed Dani onto the bed and resumed her activities of kissing and fondling.

She then started to strip the dirty little tramp submissive."Oh baby your panties are already wet - slow down sugar we got all night"


When she had Dani down to her bra and pants Ava grabbed a length of rope and quickly tied Dani’s right wrist, tightly, to her right ankle and then cinched the rope. Dani giggled and said, “You know I think you might right about having fun, I love bondage, especially when it’s a woman doing the tying, and I can't get free”. Ava got a second rope to tie Dani’s other wrist and ankle together, when she had finished she lay on the bed along side the bound girl and began to tease her willing slut., and said, “Well I'm going to make sure you won't escape my ropes, so lie back, relax and enjoy the ride”.

Ava had a variety of toys to bring Dani close to orgasm, but always stopped just short of allowing the bound girl to climax. When Dani’s moans of frustration grew too loud, Ava produced a ball gag and pushed it into Dani’s mouth and fastened the strap. Ava continued her tormenting of the bound girl and eventually she allowed Dani her orgasm.


After Dani’s thrashings had subsided, Ava removed the gag and asked, “You said you wanted to be left bound for your friends to find, tell me do you play these sort of games with them as well?”.

Dani nodded her head and said, “Yes we do play games sometimes, I'm a real sub and they are both a bit Domme, Janine more so than Layla. Sometimes Janine ties both of us and makes us use our mouths to bring each other off. You needn't worry about leaving me, Layla will be home in half an hour and Janine will be a bit later”.

“Thanks’ for the information, I think it is time to put your gag back in”. As she finished speaking Ava pushed the ball gag back into the surprised Dani’s mouth, when the gag was fastened tightly, Ava said, “You see I've decided that I need a few slaves to entertain me and I think the three of you will do very well. So I intend to wait for your friends to come home and then I will give them a taste of what a real Domme can do to dirty little whores like you”.


Just as Dani had said Layla arrived home a short time later and as she entered the flat she was greeted by a smiling Ava who explained that Dani had invited her to visit. As they walked through the flat Ava said, “Dani’s in the bedroom, but she is a little tied up right now, if you know what I mean”, and she winked at Layla.

The flatmate took the hint and started to move towards the bedroom - apprehensive at first but curious to what lay ahead


As she passed her Ava turned around and nabbed the girl and hand gagged her and before she could do anything about it Layla was hustled into the bedroom and saw her friend bound and gagged and totally helpless on the bed.

“Welcome to the party you pretty white tramp” Ava laughed


She was face down on to the bed and Ava quickly bound her wrists behind her back, as Layla continued to struggle and shout to be released, a ball gag was slipped into her mouth and the strap fastened.

When she had quietened down Ava said, “Now that’s two down and one to go - whoever said three was a crowd, in my books three’s allowed!”.


Ava then pulled both girls around on the bed so they were side by side she then said, “You see Layla as I've told Dani, you three are going to be my pet sluts, so while we wait for this other slut Janine to get home why don't we get to know each other better”.


As she finished speaking Ava picked up a vibrator and holding it in front of the struggling Layla’s face she turned it on and said, “Where do you think this should go Layla? Oh sorry, you can't speak, so I guess I'll just have to decide for myself”.

With that she started to play the buzzing vibrator over Layla’s breasts and then down her front to her crotch, all too soon the bound girl was moaning and trying to push her crotch up onto the vibrator.

Each time Layla neared an orgasm Ava stopped her teasing and switched her attention to Dani, quickly she had both girls mumbling pleas through their gags begging for release from the sexual torment, and frustration, but their pleas went unheeded and their torment continued.

Eventually Ava allowed both girls to cum and then left them to recover, while she waited for Janine to get home.


When the third flatmate opened the front door she was met by a smiling Ava who explained that her two friends were tied up in the bedroom, Ava said. “You see Janine, Dani called me over and said she wanted me to tie her up and play with her till her friends got home, so I did as she asked. Well when Layla got in she saw Dani and asked me to tie her as well, and then wait for you. Why don't you take a look at them in the bedroom”.


Janine opened the door a crack and peeked in and saw her two friends bound and gagged and struggling on the bed, and when Ava whispered in her ear she started to laugh. Ava then said, “You know we could have some fun with those two. Why don't we pretend -  accept me as your Mistress? Then I'll start to tie you up as well and when they think their in trouble then we let them into the joke....

so what do you say?”


Janine thought this was a great idea and readily agreed to play the submissive to aid the ‘joke’. She also suggested that after they let the bound girls into the joke they should keep them tied and teach them a lesson about getting tied up and tormented.

The next thing she knew was she was being led into the bedroom by Ava who quickly grabbed another ball gag and pushed it into Janine’s mouth, and buckling the strap, saying as she did so, “There that will stop your stupid slut mouth from getting you into anymore trouble”. She then pushed Janine back onto the bed with her two friends.

"Such a pretty thing, welcome to my world of crisis" Ava hissed as she bound the girls in what seemed to be an endless supply of rope


When they tried to tell Janine what was really happening, Ava climbed onto the bed and sat on Janine’s thighs and then pulled her head up off the bed and pushed it into her own tits and pushed the gagged girl to rub the gag over her tits.

She then pushed Janine back onto the bed and flipped her over onto her front and then bent her legs and bound her ankles to her thighs in a frog tie, and then bound her wrists to each leg binding. She then turned the bound girl onto her back.


Too late Janine realised that she was totally helpless and in the hands of a total stranger who was definitely a Professional Dominatrix, and then she realised what it was her friends were trying to tell her before she was tied .. that Mistress Ava was also a frustrated dyke nympho!

Ava then pushed Janine’s thighs apart and picked up the vibrator she had been using earlier. She started rubbing it over Janine’s crotch and she soon had the bound girl writhing on the bed


When she tired of playing with the three girls, she sat on the bed and waved the vibrator around the three girls and said, “Now you bimbo bitches, I know you might not think so but before I leave you will all be begging me to let you be my sex slave slut. I am going to spend the next few hours bringing each of you to orgasm time after time and when you are exhausted I will remove your gags in turn and then you can each use your mouth to give me some pleasure, if you refuse or don't do a good job I will have  to change from giving you pleasure with a vibrator to using a whip to get you to cooperate. The choice will be yours”.

All three of the friends continued to struggle in their bonds, but each knew they would still be tied at the end of the night and each feared what the next stage of their new Mistress’s plan was.

She stood back to examine her work. "Now you bimbo whores, I think you have had enough fun for one night and its time for me to go. Now you girls have fun - Byeee"

Story line kindly contributed by Fet Life writer MING

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